The most effective way to get your property onto the market is to list it with Lovina.

Simply send us some brief details about your property such as, type of property, land & building size, pictures, the address and the land map, copy of ownership legal document to our office email address: or please give us a call to 021-5140 1000.


After we received the document details, we will make appoinment with you for property inspection. First, We'll help you price your property "right" so we can market and sell it for the maximum value. It all starts with the right selling price. Second, We will suggest "dress" your property for success. Dressing your property for success can add thousands to the selling price result in a quicker sale. Third, We need your cooperation to sign the Listing Professional Agreement that "authorize us" to work on your listed property.

Our commitment is to sell the listing property quickly to the right buyer with comprehensive marketing programs; advertisement on newspapers/media, internet marketing featured on major real estate portal as well as on our own website, integrated brokerage networks, and our database customer lists plus search engine marketing program etc so your property is exposed to a group of highly potential interested buyers who have expressed criteria which match the features of your property.

On the progress listing marketing, we will continuously update the market responses to you, sorting the incoming buyers, helping in negotiation process, notary deeds and make sure all of transaction process is going smooth and success the matter most.

For sure, We will work hard to sell it FAST. Sellers will feel SAFE because we will keep your ownership legal document privately and confidentially according to your awareness and optimum convenience because we treat your property as if it's our own property. We will process the listing marketing program until closing the deal with zero stress so Customers will SAVE a lot of time and money as all marketing operational cost will be at our responsibility.


With Lovina, you will save a lot of time and money and happy ending transaction.